WinterOfOurDiscontent (winter_hermit) wrote,

Back in the USS-A

Got back in yesterday afternoon, and then made the cardinal unforgivable mistake of allowing a nap at six pm to shade into actual sleep, which meant I woke up bright and early at midnight and haven't been able to get back to sleep. Considering that I'm jet-lagged because I just spent two weeks in Italy I'm willing to tag this #firstworldproblems, but it will make the next few days interesting. And is why I'm posting this at five am local time.

I was asked Friday to do a printmaking demo at my university, which is awesome and should probably get its own post, but I need to get on actually doing prep work for that. There's also London conference prep (including paper writing!), and Anime Central is this weekend and I'm supposed to be selling things there so I need to be making things, as I'm low on stock of pretty much everything. And probably cosplaying, but most of my anime outfits don't have wigs and my current hairstyle is... not the hairstyle I had when I last wore them. Or the colour. So it goes.

Missed everyone, want to see people again. What's I miss?
Tags: real life, travel
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