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Master List o' Fic and Art

(In alphabetical order)


A Recherche Du Temps Perdu WIP
After the explosion at the pool, John finds himself reliving his own past. What can he change this time, and how can he get back to Sherlock?
LJ or AO3

A Spell of Deduction (co-written with [info]lareinenoire) WIP
(Sherlock/Potterverse crossover)
Newly returned from fighting Death Eaters in the Middle East, Healer John Watson gets a new flatmate and discovers he's exchanged one battleground for another in postwar London
LJ or AO3

A Weekend in the Country WIP
“It may interest you to know, John, that while Sherlock is of course my younger brother, he is not my only brother.”
“Oh god,” John said, pulling himself upright, “there are more of you?”
Wherein John finally meets Sherlock’s brothers (all of them) and his mother, imagines the Christmas dinners, and learns a great deal more about his flatmate and himself.
LJ or AO3

Areas of Expertise
"John," Sherlock said, "I need you to give me a hickey"
LJ or AO3

Comrades in Arms
As John came to, he decided he had just about had it with being kidnapped.
LJ or AO3

Fetch WIP
Only Sherlock Holmes could manage to die and still be in mortal danger.

And now John Watson's going to have to rescue him. And punch him in the face. Probably in that order.

Inspired loosely by the folk ballad "Tam Lin."

Five Ways Sherlock & John Didn't Get Together, Plus One Way They Did
Five (silly) ways John and Sherlock didn’t actually get together, plus one way they did
LJ or AO3

Genius Loci
Sherlock’s an archeologist chasing a priceless artefact. John’s a local who knows a thing or two about medicine. Good thing too, what with that stab wound Sherlock seems to have acquired.

The only thing worse than being kidnapped by scientists is being kidnapped by scientists with shoddy methodology. Good thing Sherlock’s got a new friend in the next cell.
LJ or AO3

Quantum of Sherlock
A series of interconnected drabbles featuring Sherlock Holmes as MI6's Quartermaster and John Watson as Agent 007. Inspired by too many viewings of Skyfall.

Sacrifices Must Be Made
John’s not sure what to expect when he offers himself as a human sacrifice, but it definitely wasn’t this. Apparently the stories he’s heard about dragons left out a few important details.

But at those moments, with Sherlock pressed against his body, arms wrapped around John, John’s hand in Sherlock’s hair, the feeling of Sherlock’s mouth against John’s bare flesh, John could know Sherlock was back, could ground himself in his presence in a way that helped banish his lingering nightmares.
LJ or AO3

The Once and Future BAMF Series
Here Be Dragons
From a kinkmeme prompt: Sherlock is an irritating and bored version of Merlin. John is a dubious, reincarnated Arthur who wants to pretend he's not a complete BAMF.
AO3 or LJ

So Far From Normal Series
So Far From Normal
John forgets, sometimes, that normal people don’t live like he does.
LJ or AO3
Still Not Normal
Companion piece to So Far From Normal; Sherlock isn’t sure why John bothers with pretending
LJ or AO3

The Game is On Challenge!Fic
Spring (Cycle 3, Challenge 1)
John likes Spring. Sherlock does not.
LJ or AO3
The Name Cycle 3, Challenge 2)
What a difference a name makes...
LJ or AO3
Phantom Touch (Cycle 3, Challenge 4)
Sherlock and John's stakeout at an allegedly haunted Jacobean manor has unexpected consequences.
LJ or AO3
Undercover (Cycle 4, Challenge 1)
Sherlock is good at disguise. Maybe a bit too good...
LJ or AO3


A Spell of Deduction Cover Art
Heralding the Fall
Come Along, Watson


When John mentions cutting Samantha's hair, he's unprepared for the tantrum that follows. But since he's got a Rougarou to kill, he's leaving Dean to deal with her.

Full Circle

“C’mon," Dean said, "You gotta try pie, Cas, it’s like… the whole point of being human.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Right, Dean. Forget the collected works of Shakespeare. The Taj Mahal. Baked goods are way more important.”

Dean didn’t look up from where he was delicately shaving curls of vanilla ice cream off the frozen block and onto the plates with a fragile plastic spoon. “Dude, talk to me when Hamlet comes in a delicious flaky buttery crust.”

The Avengers
Deux ex Machina (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers)WIP
By the time Steve noticed something was definitely off about this particular rescue, the sea serpent was hitting on him. MCU!Avengers/Greek Mythology fusion.

The Mind has Mazes (Tony Stark/Bruce Banner)

Through the machinations of his late father’s regent, Tony has been sent as Athen’s annual tribute to the Labyrinth at Knossos. If he wants to escape, he’s going to have to solve the maze’s mysteries, and the biggest one is that of the monster at its center. Movieverse!Avengers/Greek Mythology fusion.
LJ or AO3

The Hobbit (2013 film)
Making Amends
Hobbits place great value on social harmony. In fact, they've developed some... unique... cultural practices to help everyone get along.
Of course, no one told Thorin Oakenshield that.

Welcome to Night Vale
The Ides (WIP)

This last broadcast was odd, though. In the almost a year Carlos had lived here… which was hard to believe and not just because the sun had a tendency to set at the wrong time and sometimes Thursdays… skipped… (“Listeners, it’s like my mother used to say,” Cecil had once said. “Time flies. And so do badgers. So you’ll probably want to take an umbrella with you today.”)

Cecil had never not been on the radio. Even when he’d clearly had a cold and his congestion had made an utter yet strangely adorable mess of all of his glottal consonants. Cecil was The Voice of Night Vale, and in this town that was more reliable than the sunrise, death, or taxes. Well, maybe not taxes. Even if this year Carlos had to pay them in formaldehyde jars full of rats. (He was reasonably certain he hadn’t paid that way in previous years, but then, he wasn’t an accountant.)

Night Vale Syndrome

Inasmuch as an inanimate entity such as an incorporated city could be considered to have human emotions and preferences, Carlos was beginning to suspect Night Vale didn’t like scientists.

But something here seems to like him.
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